Private Events

Private Events


We love to host parties, and we would love to host you!

Southern Home & Kitchen is an ideal place for gatherings of all kinds, from bridal showers and garden clubs to birthdays and team building events.  You can decide whether you would like for a hands-on cooking experience or a chef demonstration, and we will put together the event.

Some important details about private events:

  • The cost of each private event is based on the time of day (daytime versus evening time) and not based on the number of participants.

  • We can accommodate no more than 12 participants, though 10 is more comfortable with adults.

  • We will schedule a chef, and you will give us direction, input, and final approval of the event's menu.

  • For evening classes, all participants may have up to 2 glasses of wine. There is an additional cost for wine with lunchtime classes.

  • Full payment for the event is made at the time event is confirmed.

  • We are happy to try accommodating any customizations you would like for the event!

To request more information or to schedule your next event, please call Maggie at (336) 777-3660.